Narrative Short


Shaaheen Nell Nazreen, the only child of Tashreeq and the late Ayob Mohammed (a staunch Muslim family) invites her boyfriend, Khanyolwethu, over for supper to finally meet her mother. Nazreen’s mother has no idea that the guests on their way are the Radasis, a well-meaning Xhosa family. As the tension within each family reaches boiling…

Documentary Short

The Best And Worst Of Us

Jasyn Howes A short documentary film about a photojournalist from South Africa, who documented lockdown for the local newspapers whilst simultaneously exposing the realities of what was going on during this time via his Instagram. Made from a combination of footage shot with him over the course of two days as well as his own…

Documentary Short Spotlight: COVID-19

Lefu, The Funeral

Omelga Mthiyane When Mpho Molotsi loses his mother to Covid-19, he is devastated to lose not only his closest relative, but also a confidant. The film is a portrait of final goodbyes, which follows Mpho and his family as they make final rites amidst the relatively strict regulatory restrictions for burials during Covid-19 in South…



Nuha Suliman 11 year old Ziya moves into a new home with her father, only to be disturbed by a noisy hadeda right outside her bedroom window. She tries to cope with the constant raucous, but she can only find peace if she discovers where the real noise is coming from. Runtime: 06:00

Narrative Short

Taming Kara

Naishe Nyamubaya Two hunters, Kara and Boris, who poach wild animals and sell them on the black market. On their next hunt they manage to capture a very rare and exotic creature, a tokoloshe, with the intention of selling it to a prospective buyer. In the process of catching the creature, it scratches Kara’s arm,…

Narrative Short


Michael Odendaal After his father had passed, James needs to return to the home, he and his brother Ezekiel grew up in. Upon returning to the home the dark mysteries of the now empty house begin to reveal themselves again and as James becomes haunted by the past his shares with the house and more…

Narrative Short


Christy Morley A young girl, Oriel, and her best friend, Bulelani, enjoy the beauty of a South African farm. Their afterschool days are filled with extremely muddy play dates and coming up with fantasies to fill her world with fiction. Oriel’s mother, Helen, picks Bulelani up every day for school with Oriel. One day Oriel…

Narrative Short

You, Me & Everything In Between

Esther Jo Mbulawa In 1970 South Africa, Babalwa is one of the leaders of an anti-apartheid activist youth movement that she leads alongside her childhood friend, Sipho. The story starts with a political meeting with the movement being held in Babalwa’s old high school. In the meeting, Sipho disrespects Babalwa in public. Frustrated, Babalwa decides…

Narrative Short


Mbasa Gobodo & Tremane Abdool After trying to be like someone else to get the attention of her crush, a young high school girl has to overcome her insecurities in order to get the boy of her dreams. To reach her goal, she must face many challenges namely her own fear and other schools’ girls…