Narrative Short

Strength of A Woman

Felix Kamau Michael 26 years old meets a girl, Linda 22 years old and instantly falls in love. They date for a short while and eventually get married. Things take a turn for the worse when Michael gets into an accident. Linda has to step up and find a way to take care of herself…


Kipchoge – The Eye Witness

Brian Achiro The story revolves around Kipchoge a small farm boy who “witnessed” an accident between a matatu and a small car. When he is told to explain what he saw by the reporter. He tells a whole new different peculiar story about what happened on the scene. Runtime: 02:52

Narrative Short

Morning After

Brian Munene Intoxicated and blinded by lust, Joe secretly brings a girl to his mother’s house from a night club. As usual, the plan is simple; wake up early and make sure she leaves before mum wakes up. After a night of over indulgence, Joe wakes up later than expected. He not only discovers that…

Narrative Short Spotlight: COVID-19

Love, Zawadi

Wambui Gathee Love, Zawadi tells the story of how the enforced COVD-19 lockdown in some countries puts vulnerable women and young girls in some positions where the life-threatening situation outside is safer than being in their homes, as they are most of the times victims of physical and emotional abuse from men. Runtime: 02:00