Documentary Short

The Best And Worst Of Us

Jasyn Howes A short documentary film about a photojournalist from South Africa, who documented lockdown for the local newspapers whilst simultaneously exposing the realities of what was going on during this time via his Instagram. Made from a combination of footage shot with him over the course of two days as well as his own…

Documentary Short Spotlight: COVID-19

Lefu, The Funeral

Omelga Mthiyane When Mpho Molotsi loses his mother to Covid-19, he is devastated to lose not only his closest relative, but also a confidant. The film is a portrait of final goodbyes, which follows Mpho and his family as they make final rites amidst the relatively strict regulatory restrictions for burials during Covid-19 in South…

Documentary Short

Naboth Short

Mathew Nabwiso Naboth Cole gets struck by the Polio disease at the age of six years sending him into coma for twelve months. On awakening from the coma, he realizes that he will never be able to walk again on his own as the disease affected both his lower limbs. Does he allow this disability…

Documentary Short

The Lost Carts of Karoo

Timothy Gabb The Lost Carts of the Karoo is a short documentary following the Louw family as they leave a lifetime on the road facing together different challenges, and settling into the modern world on the edges of the small Karoo town of Colesberg, in South Africa. Runtime: 19:44