• Bismillah
    Shaaheen Nell Nazreen, the only child of Tashreeq and the late Ayob Mohammed (a staunch Muslim family) invites her boyfriend, Khanyolwethu, over for supper to finally meet her mother. Nazreen’s mother has no idea that the guests on their way are the Radasis, a well-meaning Xhosa family. As the tension within each family reaches boiling…
  • The Best And Worst Of Us
    Jasyn Howes A short documentary film about a photojournalist from South Africa, who documented lockdown for the local newspapers whilst simultaneously exposing the realities of what was going on during this time via his Instagram. Made from a combination of footage shot with him over the course of two days as well as his own…
  • The Last of Us
    Austine Lordlaz Based on a true story this film relates the life of a group of abused and abandoned street children fight societal odds to keep alive. These homeless and futureless kids face many challenges to survive on the streets of Nigeria, some of them were bitten to death after stealing bread, others were kidnaped…..But…
  • One Kind Thing
    Manyara Mabhena A couple find it hard to come in terms that one is HIV positive and the other negative. The HIV positive husband who was unfaithful is now desperately looking for a way to convince his wife to have sex with her. The wife who is HIV negative still insistes that he uses condoms….

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